5 things to know about Bluetti’s versatile batteries for Power Week 2022

This post on power plants is brought to you by Bluetti.

Electricity, one of the most widely used forms of energy in the world, is one of the necessities of modern life. As summer burns with record heat across much of the world, even a brief power outage can have catastrophic consequences.

To ease your concerns about maintaining power this summer, Bluetti is planning a Power Week from August 18-28, with significant savings on the company’s products. Power Week will feature Bluetti’s B230 and B300 batteries, versatile power sources that can save the day when the lights go out.

1. The Bluetti B230 and B300 are not just companions, but heroes in their own right.

Bluetti’s B230 power supply offers a huge capacity of 2048 Wh.
Photo: Bluetti

Bluetti Power Week 2022 highlights the company B230 and B300 extension batteries, which are not only extension batteries. They can be used as independent power sources. This is because they have multiple outputs for versatile charging.

Outings include:

  • One QC3.0 USB-A 18W
  • One 100W PD3.0 Type-C
  • A 12V/10A cigarette lighter

The B300’s MPPT solar regulator allows up to 200 W of solar gain. And with the T500 adapter, the B230 and B300 can achieve an AC input rate of 500W. And that’s without even connecting to the AC200MAX and AC300 power stations that Bluetti’s batteries work so well with.

2. Bluetti D050S DC Charging Enhancer is a magic charging box.

As mentioned, the B230 and B300 are considered full-fledged power sources. But to exploit them to their maximum potential, you can combine them with the Bluetti D050S DC Charge Amplifier.

The amplifier allows for more charging methods, such as 12/24V car charging, lead acid battery and even AC power. It can increase up to 1,400 W of solar gain for the AC200MAX.

Without the idle draw of the inverter, the discharge efficiency of a DC solar array can reach over 95%. So when traveling you don’t have to carry a whole set of Bluetti products. A single battery can power many hungry devices on the road.

3. B230 and B300 are not reserved for AC200MAX or AC300 power station.

Bluetti's AC300 Power Station can be paired with up to four battery modules, providing whole-home backup power for days.
Bluetti’s AC300 Power Station can be paired with up to four battery modules, providing whole-home backup power for days.
Photo: Bluetti

The B230 and B300 were initially launched with the AC200MAX and AC300 power stations. But they also work with many other Bluetti units, such as the AC200, AC200P, EB150 and EB240 (when connected via the D050S).

This means you can increase the overall capacity at any time, which can help you survive power outages and other emergencies.

4. LiFePO4 is the safest and most durable battery chemistry.

Safety and durability are top priorities for people considering the purchase of a power plant. Thus, Bluetti adopts the latest LiFePO4 technology with its solar generators.

B230 and B300 batteries offer better electrochemical performance, lower resistance, and more stable cathode materials compared to NCM batteries, which are a type of lithium-ion battery.

5. Bluetti recommends other units and combos during Bluetti Power Week 2022:

  • AC200Max+B230: 4096 Wh LiFePO4 , 2200 W AC. Price starts at $3,298 $3,198.
  • AC200Max+B300*2power: 6144 Wh LiFePO4, 2200 W AC inverter. Pricing starts at $6,099 $5,999.
  • AC200Max+B300power: 3072 Wh LiFePO4, 2200 W AC inverter. Pricing starts at $4,098 $3,898.
  • EP500power: 5100 Wh LiFePO4, 2000 W AC inverter. Pricing starts at $4,999 $4,499.
  • EP500*2power: 10200Wh LiFePO4, 4000W AC output (EP500 Fusion Box is required). Price starts at $9,998 $8,999.