BMW is currently recalling a small number of BMW i4 and iX vehicles, due to a potentially dangerous battery issue. A spokesperson for BMW of North America released the following statement: “The manufacturer of the high voltage battery may not have produced the battery to specification. As a result, a short circuit could occur and lead to a thermal event.

At this time, it is not known how many vehicles have been recalled. Some BMW i4 customers have discussed the recall with their local dealers and the total number of vehicles seems to range between 50 and 80, depending on who you ask. BMW only said it was a small number of iX and i4 models built between 2022 and 2023. And according to the same spokesperson, BMW Customer Relations began contacting owners of the affected vehicles by phone last week. last.

Unfortunately, this problem is quite serious and requires owners to stay away from their car. Not only are customers instructed not to drive their cars, they aren’t even supposed to charge them. Going a step further, BMW says to separate the car outside, away from standing structures.

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BMW is currently working to find the owners of the affected cars and repair them, but it is not an easy solution. According to some owners who received the notice, the affected battery cell modules need to be replaced, which likely won’t be an appointment for many customers. There’s also no current timeline on when this fix might happen, so BMW i4 and iX customers could find themselves without their cars for several weeks. BMW told the i4 owner on a forum that he would hear about the recall in mid-August.

We hope to hear more about this recall in the coming days, so we will update this article accordingly.