Compact ultra-wideband and omnidirectional antennas

26-08-2022 | Saelig | Passives

Saelig Company, Inc introduced the Aaronia OmniLOG PRO omnidirectional antennas. This series of ultra-wideband compact omnidirectional antennas are ideal for radial isotropic use from 150 MHz to 18 GHz, encompassing most RF sources such as LTE, GSM, UMTS and WLAN etc. These economical antennas are specified for 1W cw receive and high power 100W cw transmit, making them ideal for wide range spectrum analyzer measurements, interference hunting, frequency monitoring and tasks such as equipment evaluation or countermeasure challenges.

The compact 4.3″ x 1.4″ range consists of four models in SMA or N versions (PRO 1030: 150 MHz-3 GHz, PRO 1060: 150 MHz-6 GHz, PRO 10100: 150 MHz-10 GHz, PRO 10200: (150 MHz-18 GHz) to cover RF sources from K-band FM, radio and TV signals, DECT, Bluetooth and WLAN, EMI product, etc.).

Each antenna is backed by a full two-year warranty and is fitted with an IP65 enclosure suitable for outdoor use. A magnetic antenna base on the SMA version allows temporary installation, for example on the roof of a car. Full calibration data in 50 MHz steps can be downloaded to allow highly accurate measurements with any spectrum analyzer.

Examples include omnidirectional measurement applications; spectrum monitoring, including non-public frequency bands; examine interference-free mobile communications; and interference detection.