e.battery systems to manufacture EV batteries in India

Austrian battery specialist e.battery systems and Indian company Amara Raja Batteries have started the joint development of a liquid-cooled battery for two- and three-wheel electric vehicles in India. Production should start in a year.

The battery, which features immersion cooling and fast charging, will be designed specifically for India’s growing market for electric scooters and electric rickshaws, according to the Vorarlberg-based company.

“It can be very hot in India. This is where safety and precise temperature control are paramount,” says Christopher Schöpf, Founder and CEO of e.battery systems. “A liquid immersion cools more efficiently than conventional methods, extending battery life by up to 30 percent.”

Testing is expected to begin as early as early 2023, followed by certification. From autumn 2023, production of several 10,000 units per year is planned in a specially built semi-automated production line in India.

Last July, the Austrian company received a large order from the Swedish manufacturer RGNT. e.battery systems will produce at least 10,000 batteries for RGNT’s electric motorcycles in the coming years.

Source: information by e-mail