Geneq launches the compact SXBlue SMART survey receiver

Photo: Geneq

Geneq Inc. launched the SXblue SMART to meet the demands of professionals looking for an accurate and flexible smart antenna for field work.

The SXblue SMART has a GNSS engine capable of quickly tracking GNSS signals while in sight. Its design includes interference mitigation technology and optimization for handling a wide frequency band.

Weighing 850g with battery, the SXblue SMART is compact, offering the precision, robustness and maneuverability needed by surveying professionals. Its radio link is based on the Farlink protocol which allows a range of up to 8 km, an achievable performance while reserving a large bandwidth for the transmission of real-time kinematic data (RTK).

In addition to a tilt sensor for measurements in hard-to-reach places, the SXblue SMART has a high-performance attitude measurement module that can detect and measure device movement. An integrated inertial measurement unit provides even more accurate and stable measurements and increased productivity. The SXblue SMART also has a built-in thermometer to monitor and control its internal temperature.

Compared to the company’s previous products, the SXblue SMART has improved communication features, including Near Field Communication which facilitates close communication with a controller or mobile phone equipped with this technology.