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HDI Global partners with Accure on batteries

September 19, 2022

An HDI Global technology company has entered into a cooperation agreement with Accure to make battery reliability insurable for businesses.

Accure Battery Intelligence provides monitoring data on the safety and health of batteries, including whether they are new or have been used for a while, providing greater clarity on risk.

The data is reviewed from a risk assessment and transparency perspective by HDI TH!NX, which focuses on co-innovation with industrial companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, and HDI Global may use the data to optimize coverage against property. damage and business interruption.

“The data provided by Accure not only creates transparency in battery health assessment, but also mitigates the risk of future performance loss, failure and fire damage,” said HDI TH!NX MD Verena Brenner.

According to HDI, the energy transition, sustainable use of resources and environmental, social and governance requirements are exponentially increasing the demand for battery storage, and it is now used in many key industries. But if unexpected outages or power outages do occur, the costs and lost revenue are often high.

“By working with HDI TH!NX, we combine battery asset management with risk management,” said Kai-Philipp Kairies, CEO of Accure.

“Insurance customers benefit twice. Basically, the reliability and availability of battery storage increases. In addition, they can plan their maintenance and repair work based on our analysis and benefit from tailor-made insurance conditions.