Launch of the HORI Split Pad Compact Nintendo Switch Controller

HORI has long solved one of the most annoying aspects of Nintendo Switch handheld gameplay with its ergonomic Split Pad controllers. Now the company is releasing a second-generation version of the add-ons in the form of the Split Pad Compact, which, fittingly for the name, adopts a more streamlined construction.

HORI Split Pad Compact debuts on Nintendo Switch

HORI originally launched the Split Pad Pro in 2019 to let Switch gamers enjoy a more comfortable experience in handheld mode. Replacing standard Joy-Con controllers, the much more ergonomic designs have seen quite a few coats of paint over the years, from Pokémon to Sonic and more.

Now completely adjusting the design, HORI is back with its Split Pad Compact controller grip. Taking much of the same approach to improving handheld gaming on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the new accessory equips your console with an extra grip to prevent hand fatigue.

Available in two colors, the design this time around is a little more streamlined than the Pro version while still retaining extra bulk to fit better in your hands. Each half of the controller has the expected joystick and complementary buttons, be it the ABXY board on the right or the D-Pad on the left. On the back there are also assignable rear triggers, which complement some of the extra buttons like turbo functionality.

Just like the original Pro model, these new HORI Split Pad Compact only work when physically connected to your Switch. So while the usual Joy-Con controllers will work wirelessly, HORI is taking the expected handheld-only approach.

Now available for pre-order, the new HORI Split Pad Compact for Nintendo Switch is listed on Amazon. It is available in two different colors – light gray and apricot red – and sells for $49.99. Shipping is a little further out than your typical pre-order, with an expected date of December 6, 2022 right now, though HORI’s latest is also backed by Amazon’s usual pre-order price guarantee. This ensures you’ll get the lowest price between now and the ship date, so if there’s a price drop ahead of time, you’ll automatically get the savings.

Taken from 9to5Toys

I’ve been playing Splatoon 3 all weekend, and so the announcement of the HORI Split Pad Compact couldn’t come at a better time. Despite all the advantages of the Switch, the fact that portable games still become uncomfortable in minutes instead of hours is still one of its biggest weaknesses. So if you find yourself wishing it wasn’t like me, HORI has a new version of the ergonomic controller that seems to offer a mix between Nintendo’s Joy-Con and the brand’s even bulkier Split Pad Pro.

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