Most iPhone 14 batteries are bigger than last year, but one actually shrunk

Most of the new iPhone 14 models have larger batteries than last year, but one in particular has seen its capacity decrease.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 line goes on sale September 16 with pre-orders already live. While Apple gave us battery life estimates for the new iPhones last week, it hasn’t confirmed the actual capacity of the batteries that will power the new handsets. Now, two different reports confirm those numbers based on information gleaned from China’s C3 database.

All numbers

MacRumors was the first to share the details, with most capacities increasing over last year’s models. MySmartPrice then saved the report, citing the C3 database.

The new iPhone battery capacities are:

  • Phone 14: 3279mAh
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 4,325mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 3,200mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 4,323mAh

Although there is no iPhone 13 Plus to compare, the capacity of iPhone 13 Pro was 3,095 mAh, while iPhone 13 had a battery capacity of 3,227 mAh, this which means both now have more battery to play with than last year.

However, the battery in last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max was a 4,352mAh piece – so it’s slightly larger than the 4,323mAh battery used in the new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Not that we expected that to translate to poor battery life by any stretch of the imagination. Apple promises strong battery life across the board, with many devices running an hour longer than last year’s models in some tests.

Based on the numbers we see here, the best iPhone for those looking to get the longest battery life from an iPhone should definitely be looking to pick the new iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Pro, depending on how much they’re willing to spend and how important the new 48-megapixel camera and always-on display are to them.

The new iPhones weren’t the only things Apple announced last week, of course. The refreshed Apple Watch SE has been joined by an all-new Apple Watch Ultra, while the new Apple Watch Series 8 has also gotten some airtime. Apple has also updated its popular AirPods Pro.