Solid-state batteries have four major problems, says Atlis Motors CEO – EV

Written by Claudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter

CEO of EV start-up Atlis Motors, Mark Hanchett, recently commented on solid-state battery technology, naming his four major problems while sharing a article which discusses the impact this technology can have in the automotive industry.

Hanchett named the slower charge rate, lower high discharge rate capability and also lower power density in addition to lifespan issues.

“Everyone asks us ‘What about solid state batteries.’ hype with massive misinformation,” Hanchett began to say.

The CEO of Atlis Motors defends that most articles on this technology do not tell the whole story, stressing that more data should be published regarding the discharge curves and the characteristics of the tests carried out with these batteries.

“Solid state batteries have higher resistance, resulting in slower charge rates, lower high discharge rate capacity, and lower power density. Solid state batteries have problems with We’ve all seen articles about cycle rates, but they don’t tell you everything.”

“Discharge curves and test characteristics are not published, only small data extracts. They have increased safety, but when they discharge large amounts of energy over a very short period of time, heat will always be a factor,” said the CEO of Atlis Motors.

“When solid-state technology catches up, we’ll be ready. Our Cube cell could immediately accept solid-state chemical solutions, and we are actively moving towards that. The next few years are going to be interesting,” he concluded.


In June, the EV startup signed a memorandum of understanding with INDe EV Limited to develop 500 30 KWh battery packs with deliveries expected in December 2023. Atlis began development of the AMV battery cell at its headquarters in Mesa, Arizona in June 2021 becoming the first in the industry to charge in less than 15 minutes

The company added that by building battery cells in-house, Atlis is “developing its own battery supply chain, striving to provide ultra-fast charging batteries to companies currently struggling to secure their own allocation from from the best battery suppliers”.

Recently, Atlis announced that it has signed an agreement with defense vehicle developer Advent Atum to purchase its all-electric vehicle platform, the ATLIS XP. The Holsworthy (Australia)-based company will use the platform in the development of its specialist autonomous and commercial defense products.

The XP platform is the only complete EV skateboard solution for converting a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to EV and Atlis expects to begin production by the end of 2022.

Written by Claudio Afonso | | LinkedIn | Twitter