The owner’s compact won’t fit in her new garage; builder not responding to Brittany Weiss

BATON ROUGE – Imagine designing and building your custom home, moving in, then learning that your garage is too small to hold your car. It happened to a woman who contacted 2 On Your Side.

Jacki Savoy was very excited about buying land and designing her first home. She moved in last August and shortly after signing all her paperwork, she learned that her compact SUV wouldn’t fit in the garage.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I tried to fit it and it didn’t fit.”

She had no idea. The garage was used as a staging area for all his moving boxes. Once it was clear and it was time to park her car in the two-car garage, she couldn’t close the garage door.

Savoy says she measured it at 16 feet and 7 inches deep. After speaking with architects, she learned that although it’s not required, 18 feet is the minimum depth, but 20 to 22 feet is the norm. She referenced her hand-drawn plans but was unable to make out the dimensions and contacted her builder, Jacob Fakouri Construction.

Shortly after informing the builder, Savoy was offered a solution and intended to make modifications to increase the size of the garage. She sought a second opinion from an architect and was advised against the proposed solution. Savoy sent the architect’s suggestion to the builder but the garage has still not been addressed.

“No one to date has come out to measure my garage, to look at my garage, nothing.”

She contacted 2 On Your Side, fearing that now that a year had passed, she was running out of time and options.

“I can’t resell my house, no one will want a double garage that doesn’t fit,” she said.

As time passes, Savoy loses hope that it will be repaired to fit a full-sized vehicle.

The builder has not returned with 2 On Your Side as this story airs.