The table is compact, solid, containing carbon HIPER HG-PAR-1060

There are still unspoken rules for every gaming desk. Some games, for example, are 75 centimeters high, at least 100 centimeters wide, be sure to keep them durable, moisture-proof, and not afraid of water. ‘wear.

The gaming table should have stability and a cable management system. There are a number of additions to a building and a table top, the ability to change the height of the table top, and some decorations which include classics, design, and backlighting.

Today we are going to consider a cheap HIPER HG-PAR-1060 table which is quite inexpensive and inefficient. Let’s discuss the design, a design and a performance evaluation.


  • Table Type: Tables;
  • Height: 75 centimeters.
  • Material: MDF with carbon coated fabric;
  • Manufacture: steel.
  • Length: 100cm;
  • Depth: 60 inches.
  • Backlight: RGB;
  • The cables are two.
  • And mugs, headphones, etc.

Packaging and assembly are complete.

The HG-PAR-1060 is folded into a flat, heavy box with plastic reinforced corners. Each component inside is folded in a plastic bag, foam is laid between the metal legs.

Assembling the table takes three minutes. The owner first removed the bridge, turned it upside down and screwed in the two R-shaped legs with the pull of the washers. They come with a multi-piece key.

The holes in the table top are precisely cut, and the bolts go in easily and are securely fastened. There will be no problem with the position of the legs whose instruction gives a good understanding of their position on the table top.

Then you should get a few more centimeters in the legs with the help of two crossbars. They are two strands at the back of the table, and another is at the back of the bridge with two wires in order to put the wires in the cavity. On this point, be careful, the steel elements leave a lot of scratches on the black finish.

If you are mounting the rib below the deck surface, the owner must choose which side of the table will pass through the lighting wires. The foldable element on the cap side will be decisive. It is she who will close the circuit on a solid wire, and a resolving USB connector.

The legs are a common plastic washer on the long side of the table, which is handcrafted on the four sides of the table. The manufacturers did not allow height adjustment, but they can be used to reinforce the table on uneven surfaces.

Finally, it remains to screw a few modules to the table. Left and right side of the table top, holes for a cup holder are made and grooves are cut to put an earphone holder in front.

The table was assembled in minutes, so a teenager can easily handle this task. The hardest part is applying the stickers evenly to the branches of the table. There are six people in the group, three on each side. We can do without decoration, but there is more interesting on HIPER, HG-PAR-1060.

Personality and impressions are very important.

The best part of the HIPER HG-PAR-1060 is the thick plastic deck with about 15 centimeters of resistance. A standard measuring 30 inches wide allows a standard measuring instrument to take up three feet from a desk.

The carbon-look coating doesn’t just look beautiful. It is absolutely no longer dirty and is no longer slippery at all; it repels moisture and is unlikely to fade quickly. The dust on the deck is clearly visible, but it’s not a problem for anyone who cleans the table regularly.

Contrasting with a corner of the board, the carbon shell completely closes them and smoothes them. Gaming table manufacturers often glue flexible tapes to the ribs causing the fiberboards to delaminate, while in HIPER HG-PAR-1060 they are protected by a continuous layer of coating.

On the sleeve between the left side and the right side, there are two holes for cable management. The rubber insert secures the wires. The inserts have been removed to avoid unnecessary use, so the size of a standard USB connector is able to fit easily.

On a small level – HIPER HG-PAR-1060 – I have an amazingly flat screen, with large speakers, a widescreen XL pad, a standard keyboard, a mouse and some gamepads. free space, a rubber band, a holder for gamepads, and there is something else to do.

There are also portable controllers in the HIPER HG-PAR-1060 kit. It’s extremely durable and has two joysticks. It’s three different disc slots and a guitar is on the back.

But the cup holder is removed from the table on one of the sides to choose. It is large enough to hold a standard cup or glass. The container has a deep dip in the metal bars, from where it will not fall, no matter how you play.

The manufacturer claims that the total weight of the table is 80 kg, which is enough for your eyes if you don’t sit on it. It looks like it could be stronger, but we didn’t bother to check.

The table below deck was dimly lit. The lights are unobtrusive and invisible to the user, but the top provides a cheerful glow near the table, a little more green light, and the asymmetrical element adds an RGB element.

This kit comes with a remote switch that lets you adjust brightness, gamma, and preset modes to flicker the backlight, change colors, or boost stats.

Instability is the weakest part of the HG-PAR-1060. No matter how sturdy the construction, no matter how strong the legs, the table takes over during active play. After a heavy two-tier table, it’s a bit of a hassle, but I wouldn’t say it’s a huge hindrance to the game.

The HIPER computer desk is incredibly light. Lighter than a table two. It’s easy to carry and won’t scratch or scratch your floor. At least not right away.


The table with a HG-PAR-1060 PC camera will make a great purchase for a gamer with limited space. It’s not very stable, but very compact and almost weightless, assembles in no time and looks great.

A beautiful bridge is durable, moisture-proof and deformation-proof, comfortable to touch. The osbornes are laid out, mug and headphone stands are designed for a mug and speaker, a premium, directional light that won’t sting the owner’s eye during play.

The table is undoubtedly reliable and reliable, it will be useful for many years. If you want something small and cozy in a cozy play nook, this option might come in handy.

The reader’s rating is zero.



An excellent damage-resistant bridge sits on the other side.

It is very easy to assemble and easy to move.

Practical modules are included.

Pleasant and discreet lighting, but not impossible.

The lessers

Slightly drowsy during intense play.

There is no sole control system.