This legendary Nissan Skyline wears a widebody kit well

Artists continue to prove that virtually any type of Skyline is possible in the digital realm.

Nissan Skyline widebody kit
via Instagram @musartwork

The Nissan Skyline is one of the greatest cars ever created by the Japanese company, and one of the best JDM cars ever created. Even now, the first Skylines is a favorite among many and is considered a very good JDM car. The Skyline has always been a perfect car for modding, and that possibility increases when we take the car and render it. One of the best car renders on Instagram, Musa Rio Tjahjono, created a fantastic rendering of the Skyline which is now fully equipped with a widebody kit.

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Nissan Skyline gets a radical makeover

It is a complete and total redesign of the Skyline and totally transforms its original appearance. From the front of the Skyline, we can see a pretty drastic modification that sees a new front splitter, which is quite huge, and some pretty outrageous wheel fenders that have really pumped up the side appearance of the car. These wings extend and integrate into the aerodynamic components at the front of the car, with plenty of guide vanes clearly there to help channel airflow over the Skyline’s wheels. These may well be functional and not just for display.

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Big changes for the rear of the Skyline

Skyline Widebody render main image
by Instagram

There are also big changes to the rear of the Skyline. Starting all the way back and you can see a nice rear spoiler on the back of the Skyline. It will not be a rear spoiler that would have been on the car when it was new from the factory. The rear spoiler isn’t the only change to the rear of the Skyline. There are more fender changes on the rear of the Skyline, with the rear wheels being in those pretty radical fenders we also see on the front of the car.

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Big wheel changes

Front view of Skyline Widebody render
by Instagram

The Skyline’s wheels are also new and quite spectacular. Some radical alloys are now present on the Skyline, and while we can’t quite see them, it looks like the tires are bigger on the Skyline as well. Tjahjono also did quite a bit of work on the Skyline’s paint scheme, adorning it in a somewhat retro Nismo scheme, which suits the car right down to the ground. It’s a radical transformation of a classic, but it’s in keeping with the JDM culture.

Source: Instagram

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