This modernized instant camera folds up compactly when not in use

According to a forecast by Verified Market Research team, the global Polaroid market is expected to grow significantly during the period 2021-2028. Cultural icons like David Hockney, Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams have pushed the technical limits of the playful camera; and in the current era, it pays off a lot.

Gen Z is ready to spend time and money on more personalized products like the instant camera. In fact, the largest number of people interested in these kinds of cameras are in the 25 to 34 age group. They are even willing to pay higher prices for Polaroids.

Designer: Ursus Designs

This is the perfect opportunity to create a Polaroid camera that soaks up modern technologies and design elements to evolve naturally. Perhaps the perfect time to create a next-gen Polaroid, like the Next-Step SX-100 instant camera. Made of brushed steel, the advanced shooter has a compact design, compared to some of the newer modern versions of the good old Polaroid. The mirror cover, lens housing, LED flash bar and sensors hide away when the camera is not in use. Only when you need to shoot does it all open up, ready for action.

In the non-operating position, the camera can be mistaken for a modern projector with its metal finish and similar form factor. By pressing a dedicated button, the mirror cover opens and a firmer press raises the lens housing. In the shooting position, the viewfinder displays the area of ​​the subject appearing in the final photo. Right next to the mirror cover button is the film indicator which displays the amount of film remaining for more shots.

Advanced shooting modes come in the form of shutter button to click on a photo, manual focus to control zoom, auto/manual focus, exposure controls and good old flash settings. The cartridge slot can be easily opened to exchange any cartridge that runs out of ink with a new one.

It must be said that this compact Polaroid camera is quite practical for modern use, especially for young people who prefer stylish everyday looks.