Turboant V8 Electric Scooter Review with Dual Batteries

The Turboant V8 electric scooter offers more range and power

Above all, the Turboant V8 dual battery electric scooter comes after a long line of scooters. Its claim to fame lies with the dual-battery scooter setup that offers up to 50 miles of range. For anyone looking to get to work or school, this type of range should grab your attention and keep it.

With a second battery and a bigger, more powerful 450W motor, we really wanted to see what this next-gen electric scooter could do.

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Passenger capacity

While the previous X7 Pro scooter claimed to support adults up to 275 pounds, the beefier V8 does so while more credibly maintaining its claimed top speed of 20 miles per hour. I tested both scooters using my 150-pound frame. Where the X7 Pro couldn’t quite get me up to speed except in very favorable conditions, the Turboant V8 scooter took me straight to 20 miles per hour and kept me there.

Speed ​​Modes

You get three different modes on the V8 scooter. Note that the V8 removes the “Beginner” mode in favor of the “Eco mode”. If you want to hit that 50 mile range, you’ll need to stay in one of the slower modes to get there:

  • Eco Mode (6 mph)
  • Comfort mode (9 mph)
  • Sports mode (20mph)

Eco mode works great when learning to ride a scooter for the first time. By reaching a maximum of around 6 mph, you can learn acceleration and braking before reaching those higher speeds. For anyone already familiar with electric scooters, Sports mode works best for daily commuting or any serious fun riding. We used this mode for most of our rides and tests.

LED headlight for Turboant X8 scooter

Design and portability

The Turboant V8 has two batteries, unique for an electric scooter. One removable battery lives on the steering column and the second exists under the bridge. You load this into place using a port on the left side of the steering column. Keep in mind that heat kills lithium-ion batteries, so try to keep your dual-battery V8 scooter in a place where it isn’t exposed to a lot of heat, especially during the summer months.

The second battery makes the V8 considerably heavier than the Xt Pro – by around 15 pounds. Where you can lift the entire V7 Pro scooter by the handles, the V8’s deck drags, so you have to fold and lift it to easily move it anywhere.

Speaking of folding the Turboant V8 scooter, it has a much sturdier mechanism for that. A lever and latch system at the base of the steering column releases the collar to fold it up. It also locks in both positions, unlike the rather precarious X7 scooter. Although heavier, it presents a much safer package to pick up and place in the SUV or trunk of your vehicle. It’s just a bit bulkier over short distances, like from house to garage.


The V8 kickstand keeps the scooter at the perfect angle. It works as you’d expect, and Turboant intuitively placed it on the left side.

450W motor stand

Tube tires

The 9.3-inch tube tires are smaller than the 10-inch X7 series tires. However, Turboant added dual-spring suspension in the deck to give them some relief. The effect was very similar to the old model’s 10-inch pneumatic wheels. Either way, tube tires give you a much better ride than solid rubber tires. You can also experiment with lower PSI levels for a more comfortable ride. This decreases your range, but can help if you encounter many bumps in the road.

Driving the Turboant V8 Dual Battery Scooter

The first thing to note about the V8 Dual Battery Electric Scooter is its top speed. While the X7 Pro could get me up to 20 mph with a tailwind, the V8 gets you there faster and more confidently. It probably has to do with that larger 450W brushless motor. It doesn’t seem to care much whether an adult or a child is riding – it just lets you take off.

Like any e-scooter, 20mph feels pretty quick when you’re traveling that fast just inches from the road surface. Quick acceleration and respectable braking make this an electric scooter that you can easily use to get to and from work via sidewalks or bike lanes. Check your local laws for rules on how and where these electric scooters can be ridden.

Like the Turboant X7 Pro, you need to get the scooter moving before you engage the throttle. This keeps it from “lifting off” on you before you’re ready. We love this feature and it saves wear and tear on the motor as well as energy from unnecessary battery use to start from a dead stop.

on the Turboant X8 scooter

Before or after you start moving, you can switch between the three modes. To do this, double-click the power button. In fact, ALL the scooter’s electronic controls work from this single button:

  • Long press: On/off
  • Press for 2 seconds: Lights on/off
  • Double-click: Switch between Eco (6 mph), Comfort (9 mph) and Sport (20 mph) modes


Disc brakes box stopping quickly, but the desired braking rate is slow. This allows the brushless motor to also contribute to braking and generate energy in the process. When you release the throttle, the V8 immediately begins to slow while the brushless motor does its job of electronically braking the scooter.

You might think this would reduce overall range, but the dual batteries and regenerative nature of the action negates that entirely. Anticipate your braking as much as possible and you will prolong the life of these rear disc brakes.

Turboant X8 Scooter LED Brake Lights

A little more about the Turboant V8 dual battery scooter and regenerative braking… Although it no longer rolls as smoothly, the motor re-energizes the battery when coasting or slowing down. If you ever run out of charge, however, don’t expect to use this scooter like a traditional scooter – there’s too much friction. The advantage is that the dual 7.5Ah 36V battery system gives this scooter plenty of range and range. I can’t imagine you running out of power unless you plan badly.

LED lights

When you activate the disc brakes, the rear red LEDs light up. You turn on the lights by double-clicking the red throttle function button. The front LED shines forward and downward, adequately illuminating the road while driving. It also turns on the two red taillights at the rear of the bridge. The lights work well, but not enough to make it a great night driving vehicle. However, they certainly help with visibility and we recommend turning them on if you’re approaching dawn or dusk on your daily commute.

dual battery scooter disc brakes

Speed ​​regulator

Cruise control works the same as other Turboant scooters. Keep your speed constant using the accelerator and the cruise control engages automatically. Either the accelerator or the brake disengages it. Cruise control operates in all three speed modes and at any speed. Locking it at top speed requires a bit of technique, as pushing the throttle all the way up won’t allow it to engage. I still found I could lock it in at 20 mph if I backed up slightly and kept my speed constant.

LED display

The LED display is again at the top of the steering column. It gives you information about battery level, speed and speed mode, as well as whether you have the lights on. Battery levels are given by two concentric parabolic gauges.

Where we appreciated the visibility of the LCD screen on the X7 Pro, it is absolutely unusable during the day on the V8. Any kind of glare makes the screen very difficult to read, especially the low speed mode indicator. We could read the speed most of the time – and you can certainly ride the scooter without having to rely on the screen for information. Hopefully Turboant won’t use this particular technology on other models. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it certainly isn’t worth anything.

LCD screen outside
That’s about as bright as the screen gets outdoors with any kind of sun.

Turboant V8 vs X7 Pro Dual Battery Scooter

Since the Turboant V8 dual-battery electric scooter seems to improve upon the much-loved (and still available) X7 Pro, we thought we’d compare the two products. Overall, the Turboant V8 offers a faster scooter with a lot more range thanks to the two batteries. Comparing the two, the technology and extended range of the V8 would really have to justify the extra cost. For the same price, you can get the X7 Pro with an additional 10Ah battery.

X7 Pro V8
Maximum speed 20 mph 20 mph
Maximum range 30 miles 50 miles
Battery 36V 10Ah (360Wh) 2x36V 7.5Ah (540Wh)
Removable battery Yes Yes
Loading time 6 hours 4 hours (parallel)
Engine 350W 450W
Foldable Yes Yes
wheels 10″ tubing 9.3″ tubing
Braking Disc + Manual regenerative disc
Maximum charge 275 pounds. 275 pounds.
Weather resistance IPX4 IP54
lester 33 lbs. 47.6 lbs.
Price $550 $800


The Turboant V8 battery powered scooter has a pretty big increase in power and range over the X7 Pro or other Turboant products. While costing a bit more, if you want the tidy or no-frills power offered by the V8, it’s excellent value for money. Use it as a confident commuter or as an upscale toy for the weekend.

Turboant V8 Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Tires: 9.3 inch tube tires
  • Motor: 450W
  • Battery: 2 x 36V 7.5Ah (1 removable, 1 fixed)
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Driving Modes: 3
  • Speed: 6/9/20mph
  • Braking: More regenerative disc
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Maximum load: 275 lbs.
  • 3W LED headlight + LED brake light + 4 ambient LEDs
  • Price: $799.98

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